After some deliberation, I figured out what kind of a/c would be best for my house

It took myself and others a while to figure out what kind of cooling system we wanted; I looked at several unusual cooling systems that I was starting to go a little silly in my head.

I made the mistake of asking others for their opinions on what style of cooling system I should get. It just wasn’t a wonderful thought process at all. My mom wanted myself and others to save money and just buy a respected old window air conditioning unit. My dad wanted myself and others to splurge and get a whole central air conditioning system installed throughout our house. My uncle told myself and the others that we should live without air conditioning because it would be cheapest. It was such a mess for me. I just wasn’t ready for all of their opinions I guess. It was all my fault though because I asked for their opinions about which cooling system I should get. In the end, I ended up going with an unusual option than what any of them offered me. I decided to buy a ductless mini split cooling system. It was really one of the more expensive options if I didn’t count getting a whole central air conditioning system installed in our home. I am so glad that I went with the ductless mini split cooling system though. It has turned out to be a fantastic little cooling system for my home. I don’t have to leave it on for hours for it to work. It is a fantastic little cooling system. I just turn it on when I need it, and I turn it off when I don’t.

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