I got the new HVAC system I was promised

I had got a brand new central heating and A/C plan put in by this local independent heat and also a/c contractor, and all seemed good once installed.

However, a few days later the entire heating and air conditioning plan went crazy! It began making odd noises and it was not pumping out the air out of the air vents easily well.

But, I called the certified heating and A/C specialist and then told them what was going on… They came back out free of charge to look at it since it had only been a few days. I was fully protected under the heating and air conditioning upgrade protection contract this independent heat and a/c contractor had included with their policy. And lo and behold, the certified independent heating and A/C specialist said to me that he made an error in the upgrade & he genuinely felt bad about it! He ended up reinstalling my central heating and also A/C plan at no additional charge because it was all his fault, however plus he wanted to show that he wasn’t some quack & that this was a real human error that happened based on the misunderstanding of the style of home I had, and which was completely understandable, as my home isn’t your normal build I will tell you. So this made sense to me and of course I felt no ill feelings towards the independent heating and also A/C specialist. He did a good task in reinstalling the central heating and also the A/C plan and all was well moving forward. We have not had one single issue with the heating and air conditioning device since!


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