HVAC stuff can actually be pretty easy to deal with

I have been accused of thinking too much.

And, I’d say that is probably a fair assessment.

It belies an instinct to immediately react to any sort of challenge or difficulty. When I was much younger, I met situations head one and at full speed. I let my gut reaction dictate my moves. It might have been better had I just chilled out in the HVAC a bit first because that approach was ultimately problematic. Now, I tend to process information and ponder it a bit prior to taking any action. I find that sleeping on an issue, where possible, is actually a really great idea. A recent HVAC issue is a great example of that approach. Our home is really quite nice and I feel very fortunate to have this sort of lifestyle. We live in a great spot with good neighbors. It’s safe here and the schools are good. There really isn’t much to complain about. Yet, as the children have grown, I am hearing a lot of dissension when it comes to HVAC setting. Personally, I prefer the HVAC to be on the cool side. I like coming home to a crisp temperature after work. My wife likes the house a bit warmer as she is sort of cold natured. Our girls are even more cold natured than their mother. They are always complaining that the HVAC is set on freezing. Both of our girls spend their life in layers of shirts and hoodies. I considered this for a few days and came to the conclusion that maybe zone control HVAC would be best to remedy our situation.
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