AC unit for the beach

I know that I am not the type of person who easily goes with the flow.

I am rather difficult and uptight in most areas of my life.

I don’t want to say that I have a type A personality… But I think that I have a type A personality. This is why my friends and family are very careful about what they invite me to. They realize that I will often complicate situations with my high strung and anxious nature. Unfortunately, even a relaxing trip to the beach is no different. Last year my best friend wanted to take a Beach vacation to bask in the Sun and soak up the summer warm. After a long, cold winter where we were trapped indoors with only air forced air furnaces for company, I understood why they were so excited about getting outside and absorbing some rays. However, I cannot relate to their love for hot, humid weather. In fact, I get very overheated very easily. Once my body is too warm, I feel like I cannot cool myself down no matter what I do. Then, I tend to get sick. This is why our beach trip started to get a bit complicated as I began researching modern air conditioning solutions. It turns out, portable air conditioning systems are a real thing these days. I was extremely excited to purchase one of these small cooling units for my time at the beach. Once I received the AC system, however, there was a new issue to resolve… How was I going to provide power to this portable cooling unit? After hours of complaining to my friends, they uninvited me from the trip.

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