Chores growing up – air filters

When I was a kid we were not allowed to sit around and play video games all day or watch TV. My mom had very strict rules about how much screen time we were allowed to have. In fact, we were required to read certain books on our summer vacations and she often shoved us outside to spend the entire hot and humid day in the sun. In short, my parents did not believe in letting their kids sit around uselessly. This is another reason why we had a lot of chores to complete each week. I think my parents wanted us to learn responsibility, as well as taking some of their work off the plate. This is why I wound up being the heating, cooling, and air quality control whipping boy. For many years my parents have been complaining about the low quality indoor air contained in the house. I remember them standing in front of the thermostat, whining that the indoor air temperature never met their needs. As a kid, I was not very aware of the indoor air temperature or air quality. I did not care about the forced air furnace or the air conditioning unit outside. Maybe this is why they decided I should become the guru of the heating, cooling, and ventilation system. It became my job to change out the air filter every four to six weeks, depending on how much airborne contamination was trapped on the filtration device. I often had to check the air filter in between routine changes, just to make sure we were not breaking the heating, cooling, and air quality control system with a dirty air filter. I will never forget those days of climbing around the HVAC equipment and getting covered in airborne dust, dander, and debris.

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