Cold weather is for romance – finally stop sweating

When I think back to this time of year ago it is difficult to comprehend how different my life is.

I was spending almost every day going over to my boyfriend’s house during the winter season. While I was there, I would see a ton of other people who were constantly coming and going from the apartment. We regularly went out to eat dinner and get drinks. And we spent nearly every moment together throughout the long and cold winter. Now, you aren’t allowed to do any of those things. I can’t socialize with people and I certainly can’t go out to restaurants. Furthermore, my boyfriend and I broke up. It’s a shame, because the Ice Cold air really was good for our relationship. You see, in the middle of summer I ran into an issue with my boyfriend and his internal thermostat. His body was regularly so warm that he perpetually sweated, no matter if he was standing outside or in a room full of air conditioning. This meant, I was always getting sweat on me. Everytime we cuddled or got intimate I was covered with the sweat dripping off of his hot body. Even with the air conditioning system cranked up all the way, there was no way to cool down his wild internal heating system. This is why the winter was awesome. Finally, it was cool enough that my boyfriend would stop sweating up a storm. We could actually spend time together in close proximity without feeling like I was cuddling a forced air furnace. The winter season was very good for our friendship and romantic relationship… But everything fell apart when the outdoor air temperature started increasing again.

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