Final controlling measure

Several years ago I relocated to a new city for the sake of a relationship.

I genuinely felt like I had met somebody who might be a lifelong partner.

He was absolutely wonderful when we got together and he swept me off my feet with all of his gracious gifts and abundant compliments. However, it wasn’t long before he started to become very controlling and abusive. I found myself moving out of his house shortly after we moved in together. Unfortunately, he used his heating, cooling, and air quality control system as one final controlling measure at the end of our relationship. When I arrived at the house to retrieve my belongings I was shocked that the indoor air temperature felt worse than it did outside. It was so hot, humid, and stagnant throughout the house that I was sweating from the moment I walked in. I went to the thermostat and attempted to change the indoor air temperature control program so that I wouldn’t pass out from overheating as I moved. That’s when I realized that he put a passcode on the thermostat unit, so I could not alter the indoor air temperature in any way. I had to move all of my belongings in 100 degree Heat without any humidity management. It was a miserably uncomfortable HVAC experience that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I can’t believe that anyone could be so hot and cold, after all the times we spent together. But what can I say? It was worth the hot and sweaty experience to get away from that hot headed jerk.


Cooling technician