Spoiled step daughter is always cold

When I met the man of my dreams I knew that I was not going to let him go.

  • There was no way some other woman was going to swoop in and take my prince charming.

I knew that it was not wise to rush into a relationship with anyone, but I felt like I couldn’t help myself after I met this man. Our relationship was always very complicated because he lived several towns away. Furthermore, he had several kids from his prior marriage that I would have to learn to get along with. I have to say, moving in together has generally worked out… Except for the constant battle with his extremely cold daughter. Now, I’m actually talking about her indoor air temperature control preferences, but her icy personality fits the bill too. Everyday I feel like the girl runs to our thermostat and cranks up the heat. Even though everyone else in the house is perfectly comfortable with the current furnace settings, she insists that she needs more high-quality indoor air pumping through the vents to keep her comfortable. She upsets our entire energy efficiency temperature control plan and also contributes a lot of wear and tear to the central heating, cooling, and air quality control system. Not to mention, she makes the house so uncomfortably warm that everybody else is sweating through their sheets. I wish that the girl would get a grip on her internal temperature regulation system… Or maybe just put on some clothes. If she wasn’t always half-naked, she wouldn’t be so cold all the time.

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