Cleaning service is necessary as business expands

I really enjoy owning my own business.

  • It has been exciting seeing it really take off.

Suddenly there is demand for my services, and I have been able to open up new locations. My business is far more successful than I ever imagined. I went from running a small shop entirely on my own to a huge expansion project. In the beginning, I was the owner, the cleaning lady, accountant, in charge of advertising and customer service and everything that needed to be done. Still, it was a job I loved and was willing to devote all of my time and effort to growing. This has paid me back. My efforts are the reason behind good customer response. I wasn’t exactly prepared to run my own business. This is something I learned as I went. I had some help from family members and was dedicated to research and listening to advice. When I opened up several more locations, I had to start acting more as a businessman instead of a shop owner. That meant hiring a commercial cleaning service for each of my locations. For a long time, I was the cleaning lady. I handled all of the janitorial jobs, including upkeep, repairs, cleaning and ordering inventory. I took care of all the floor maintenance. l learned how to do the floor stripping and waxing myself. Handling the cleaning saved money when I was first starting out. However, that was no longer possible after the expansion. I need to oversee the everyday operations of the business and not spend hours vacuuming and washing windows. Once the business started growing, I couldn’t be my own maid service any longer.
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