Definitely check reviews before dealing with an HVAC company

You really have to be careful what HVAC company you go for.

It’s always a good idea to check reviews before dealing with a place as that can tell you all the information you need to know about their business practices.

Don’t be like me because I just called the first HVAC company I could find that was nearby to my home. I was thinking that all HVAC companies were basically the same, but that is definitely not true. The HVAC worker who came to my house was incredibly rude and didn’t care to talk very much. He would mostly just grunt and shrug if I asked any questions. He wasn’t the type of person you could really have a conversation with. Eventually, he said he was done with the work and then just left. I asked him to wait, but he didn’t even look back. This guy had the attitude that he could care less. What’s worse is that I went to turn on the HVAC system and it wasn’t even turning on. Before it was at least turning on, but now it was like there was no power to it. I called the HVAC company to complain but they said that they couldn’t go back to fix my HVAC again until I paid for the service call. I was in disbelief with the nerve of these people. I told them the HVAC technician broke my HVAC and it wasn’t even working. They still demanded payment which they were not getting from me. I ended up going with an HVAC company with great reviews and they took care of everything with no issues.

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