I think that I made the wrong impression on this dating site I joined

I really think that I must have given the wrong impression on my profile on this dating site that I joined last month.

I was just looking to meet some people and make some new friends since this year has been so weird and socially boring. Normally, I would never even sign up for a dating site at all, but desperate times call for desperate measures, I always say. Anyway, I signed up for this site and on the profile, I said that I was good at fixing things. I mainly meant cars, but after I put that on my profile, I immediately got a message from this woman who said she wanted to meet me for drinks. I was excited about it, but when I got there and started talking to her, she only wanted to talk to me about her broken furnace system at her house. I thought it was a really weird thing to talk about on a first date, but she kept on and on about it. Finally I told her that I had no idea what was wrong with her furnace and she asked me if I would come and look at it for her. I thought that was really strange and so I told her that I don’t know very much about heating and cooling systems at all. It turned out that the only reason that she messaged me was because she thought that she could get me to fix her furnace for her for free! Dating is even weirder these days than I thought!

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