My husband is always trying to have the nicest things

My husband had this crazy thing about having the best of everything around.

He wanted the greenest grass, the best looking shrubs, the best HVAC system, and the best car.

He has a nice enough car alright and he babies that thing all the time. It wasn’t long ago when we also got a ductless mini split because our neighbors across the street got one. He had to get the more advanced model of course so we have the perfect comfort in our home. I do think the ductless mini split is nice and it’s entirely energy efficient. I also appreciate the fact that it has built in air purification which improves the air quality in our home a great deal. The thing that annoys me a little is that he decided to have another heating system installed in our house recently. Now, I’m not against having multiple heating systems, but I didn’t feel that we genuinely needed it. He had radiant heated floors installed. He said it would save us even more money on our heating bills and we would be even more comfortable. So now we have the ductless mini split and the radiant heated floors, and I wonder if it will ever stop. Oh, I forgot to mention that he also had a fancy touchscreen thermostat installed. It can be controlled remotely with our smartphones and it also has voice commands. Admittedly it’s really nice, but i just don’t like how my husband is always trying to show off when it comes to everything. He needs to relax more.

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