Our new HVAC technician was a recommendation from social media

We found our new HVAC technician through a recommendation from a friend on social media.

We had recently had to start looking for a new heating and cooling company to take care of our HVAC system because our old one closed down.

I guess everything that was going on during the Covid shutdowns really did a number on their employees and their business. Anyway, they decided to shut down and so that left us needing to find a new HVAC company to help us out. We had used them for so long for all of our heating and cooling needs that I really had no idea who to call to replace them. We tend to find a company that we like and then we just stick with them. It’s the same way with our mechanic, our bank, our electrician, and our plumber. I guess if it’s not broken, you shouldn’t fix it, right? Anyway, we ended up asking around and we couldn’t find a local person that we liked so I decided to ask on one of the online community pages for suggestions. You wouldn’t believe how many people had suggestions for their favorite HVAC technicians! We called around and found one that is just right for us. I think we will probably be using him from now on because he already came out and did a furnace repair for us and he was really professional. Plus, the price was right! That’s always important when you’re looking for a new repair guy, whether it’s for your HVAC unit or for your car.