People in remote tribes have never seen air conditioners before

I once worked with a team of professionals who worked to learn about this isolated city that was entirely separated from the rest of the world… These people knew nothing about the world surrounding them, they just lived in the remote jungle and had a certainly interesting way of life.

  • These people were studied before proper contact was eventually made.

They were able to make peace and all of us were able to learn the language; all of us did have a rule though not to try to spoil these people with our advanced technologies in the beginning. But then the guy who took over the project had an unusual approach, and he said that when all of us were able to communicate, all of us would be able to trade with these people so all of us could benefit from one another. They would bless us with know-how of their ancestors and how they came to be in this village. And all of us could bless them with unusual types of things so that maybe we could bring a portable heating and A/C system with solar charging capability… And I ended up making some great friends in this city and they taught myself and others a lot about their ways of life. They did end up trading things, but a lot of our technology they were not even interested in! While they thought the cooling equipment was remarkable, they thought it was unnatural and possibly some category of witchcraft. It wasn’t simple trying to explain technology that I don’t even think that much about myself, even though I could tell them it truly wasn’t witchcraft. I haven’t been on the team for a few years now, even though I am making plans to go back soon to see my friends in the jungle.


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