People think I’m crazy for changing over to an electric fireplace

This will sound crazy to some people, but I decided to change up my fireplace.

I always appreciated the fireplace and the warmth from it, but I never appreciated having to split wood all the time. I wanted to have something like a gas fireplace and I wanted it to have very minimal maintenance needs. One day, I decided to just close up my chimney and have an electric fireplace installed. This is not a real fireplace at all, the flames are just something digital, but they look real enough. Also the heating from this style of fireplace is not so bad. It’s all electric, but it feels great and it does a wonderful job of heating up my living room area. People ask me all the time why I decided to change my fireplace. Some people say I should not have done that because having a wood burning fireplace is so nice. I agree to a certain extent, it’s just that my back was not going to survive much longer with all that wood splitting. I figured I was able to enjoy the wood burning fireplace for a time, but it was time to enjoy something that didn’t require so much work. I don’t have to worry about my living room catching on fire either with this remarkable electric fireplace. I don’t even have to call a chimney sweep or an HVAC company to help me out. I am really thrilled about being able to warm my home with electricity. My next move is going to be installing solar panels so I have extremely low energy bills.


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