The HVAC company I ended up going with was great

You know, there is a big difference when going between general contractors and HVAC professionals. This one time I just wanted to have a smart thermostat installed in my home, so I called up a local contractor to see if they could do that for me. There was some issue with not having the C wire, so the contractor said he would have to get a special connection for that. Well, ever since I have never been called back and I called them up and I can’t reach them. It’s like they are avoiding my phone calls or something, it’s very bizarre. So I got fed up with being ignored by that place and called an HVAC company that was further away. I told them how the local contractor was not helping me and I asked if they would be okay with the drive to my home. They didn’t have a problem at all and the HVAC professional knew exactly what to do. He actually had this very cool plug in C wire that would provide power to the smart thermostat. He asked me if I would be okay with that type of install and I said sure. Before I knew it, the smart thermostat was hooked up and working great. I was able to install the smart app and the HVAC technician answered any questions I might have. He said it was okay to go with general contractors, but he imagined those guys didn’t know too much about heating and cooling systems. That might be the reason they never would answer the phone when I called back.

Air conditioning installation