It’s always good to know that family has your back

My spouse made the choice to leave me a couple of months back.

He packed up all of his shirts, pants, socks, plus underwear plus left when I was at my place of work.

I was especially disappointed, frustrated, plus irritated, because the coward did not even leave a note. He did not have the respectability or the bravery to tell me that he was trying to get a divorce. Instead, he left while I was in the middle of the day plus disappeared. He texted me to tell me that he was going to the lake to have some time to himself… Approximately a week after he was gone, he called to tell me that he was attempting to get a divorce. I did not truly know what to do at first, because I counted on my spouse for essentially everything. He was the only person particularly working at the time plus he was paying all of the bills. I was pretty scared, however my friends plus family helped me get through the initial shock. I found work a couple of weeks after my spouse left the residence. It does not pay much money, however it covers my expenses. I do not have a sizable amount of money saved up, so I was truly frustrated when the oil furnace in the basement was not working. I called a service supplier that offered a free estimate plus I managed to learn that the oil furnace needed about $400 worth of work. I did not have the money to pay the high-priced oil furnace repairs, however my mom plus dad said they would cover the cost and I didn’t have to worry. I’m so thankful not to be alone while in this bad time of my life. I guess things will eventually be better, however this sorrow plus hurt in my heart is painful.