Optimal Indoor Air Quality

AQD300 is a fully integrated system that utilizes many of the latest technologies to deliver the highest quality indoor air available today. Learn more about how the AQD300 applies the following technologies to creating the cleanest indoor air environment:

Fresh Air
Intelligent Design
Humidity Control
UV Eradicator
Energy Savings
How It Works
Although there are numerous companies selling either air purification systems or simple one-room mobile unit systems; there is no other manufactured single product on the market, combining five features into one device to service an entire residential or commercial building. The AQD300 takes the best of what is available on the market and combines them into one, fully automated system. Here are just a few of its amazing features. Contact us to learn more.
Energy Savings Recirculation Mode
If the humidity levels in the home drops below or rises above the humidity set point that set by the home owner exceeds optimal conditions (below 40% or above 60%) the Air Quality Doctor will shut down the incoming fresh air and only run in recirculation mode. During this mode, you will continue to benefit from the HEPA filtration system, the high powered UV light eradication, and the dehumidifaction system (if needed). The only mode that will terminate the recirculation mode is the bathroom exhaust system. If any of the bathroom fans are turned on, the Air Quality Doctor will then go into Heat Recovery Ventilation mode until the bathroom fan is turned off.
Whole-House Bathroom Exhaust System
The Air Quality Doctor has a mode in which it is hooked up to your bathroom fans via ductwork. When you turn on any of your bathroom fans, the system will operate in the HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation) mode and for all the stale air you exhaust from your home, the bathroom exhaust system will bring in the same amount of fresh air (while getting up to 95% of the energy out of the exhaust air transferred to the incoming fresh air without mixing the air).
Natural Humidification
The Air Quality Doctor has the ability to add humidity to a home’s air naturally. With its state-of-the-art control system, it is able to detect changes in humidity levels. For instance, depending on the operator’s humidity setting, if the indoor humidity gets below 40% (this usually occurs during winter) then the AQD300 will look at the outside air humidity level and compare it to the indoor humidity level. If the indoor humidity level can be increased by the higher outdoor humidity level, then the Air Quality Doctor will open up the fresh air damper and let the fresh air into the home either by straight fresh air or in the heat recovery ventilation mode to save energy.
Free Heating and Free Cooling Mode
The Air Quality Doctor has the ability to heat and cool your house automatically. While it monitors the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the system can detect if the outside conditions are favorable to heat or cool your home. It will automatically turn on the fresh air fan and draw continuous fresh air into your home to adjust the temperature to favorable conditions. For more detailed information on free heating and free cooling, refer to section 2.2.3 in the Sequence of Operation chapter regarding the Economizer Mode.
The Air Quality Doctor Alarm System
The Air Quality Doctor is such a sophisticated system that it will notify you when something is not functioning correctly by activating an audible alarm. • If there is a reduction in air flow, in any mode for any reason, then the alarm will be activated until the problem has been corrected. • If the mechanical dehumidifier is called to run and it does not show that it is working, then the alarm will be activated until it has been repaired. • If the indoor humidity rises above 90% (adjustable) or goes below 30% (adjustable) the alarm will be activated. • If the indoor temperature is below 50 °F (10 °C) or above 85 °F (29 °C) the alarm will activate.
Why We Invented It
Here at the Air Quality Doctor, we believe that indoor air quality should be better than outside air. You should be able to breath air that is free of mold, pollen, and chemical toxins when you are in your home. And that this whole process should be as automatic as your refrigerator or any other appliance.
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