“Not only is this innovated piece of equipment will greatly improve the air quality in any home, there is no other product like it. I am trying to get Tony to install one of these units in my home because my household is very organic and we believe in minimizing manmade chemicals and carcinogens.”
Chris Altenbernd Mechanical Design Engineer
“We feel that this is the next greatest innovation to introduce to the residential market…We look forward to a cleaner and brighter future.”
Samantha East Operations Manager
“I have worked with Tony from the developmental stages to final design and implementation of the AQD300. I know first hand the quality of the internal components used in the product, which has been designed for long term use and reliability. Controlling air quality is becoming essential to healthy living and I believe the Air Quality Doctor can eliminate the sources of most pollutants found in the home and office environment.”
Jeff Dognaux Branch Manager
“There is an ever increasing need for air purity and this piece of equipment, I believe, will be able to produce those results.”
James SmythMechanical Design Engineer
“Since our backgrounds have been in HVAC and air purification, I have seen what the industry offers and not one product compares to the AQD. I strongly believe in the product and have no doubt to its health benefits.”
Dennis Pruiett Mechanical Design Engineer
“In talking with Tony and with my experience in the HVAC industry, I strongly believe that the AQD300 can help provide a controlled atmosphere in homes and in return provide the homeowner with relief from their asthma or allergies. I believe that the Air Quality Doctor, LLC can have success selling the product in the right markets.”
Doni KrasniqiSales Engineer