Costume celebration into pool celebration

Even though it wasn’t even close to Halloween, I really loved wearing costumes plus costume parties in general.

I think I never lost that part of myself from when I was a little kid.

Halloween was our number one holiday plus I went to every costume celebration they ever had. Well, it didn’t have to be Halloween to hold a costume celebration, so, I thought it would be fun to have a single over the weekend. I rented a nice venue that had an open room that would host all of the food, drinks plus even dancing. It even had a pool in the back, however I didn’t plan on using that. I contacted all of our friends plus family members plus told them about the celebration… Most of them were able to come, to our excitement. When the weekend came, I got our costume, which was a Catwoman costume plus waited for the rest of our friends to come. Most of them arrived on time, plus every one of us were able to abruptly beginning the celebration! I blasted loud music from the speakers plus a lot of people were talking plus eating. I saw a lot of superheros, a few ghosts plus a couple of animals care about myself. I think with all of the actions plus dancing, almost everyone abruptly became overly hot, plus when I looked for a cooling system, the building didn’t have any! What current building doesn’t have an a/c system!? That’s just crazy! I was really unhappy that I didn’t check for a current HVAC component earlier, however the celebration was ruined, every one of us all just decided to convert it to a pool celebration instead, plus almost everyone piled on into the pool.


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