One Time I Was A Human Thermostat

One Summer I spent our afternoons as an intern in a important office for a important supplier. I don’t know how much I l gained while I was there, however but I suppose the point is that I l gained a little something about how that industry works, and of course I can put it on our resume. I spent most of our afternoons getting food or coffee, or making copies, or looking stuff up online, and stuff appreciate that. It was not bad, one funny thing that started happening is some of the executives would ask if I would turn the temperature control up or down. It turned out that several of them liked the office to be unusual hot and cold temperatures; So one would ask if I could turn the air-conditioning up, and then in an minute another would ask if I could turn it down! This would go on all day, they had pretty fantastic Heating, Ventilation, and A/C systems in the site, so it would just blast the cooling air when I turned it down. They were not fighting with each other I saw, they were just joking around. Either way, I was at that temperature control a lot over that summer. I was the temperature control engineer that is for sure. I was a one guy comfort business. I can see why they did not have a programmable temperature control there, because they all would have broken it by trying to change it all at the same time! I am surprised they did not need an air-conditioner repair service, with the way that they treated their central cooling appreciate a game all day.


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