I almost got hurt

I could not know what happened the other day while I was making dinner.

  • I was in our own little world concentrating on cooking our food when literally what sounded love a 2 ton brick came crashing down about an inch from me! After nearly crapping our pants from being so scared I looked plus it was the air vent from our central heating plus a/c sitting on the floor! The air vent came loose plus ended up falling off leaving a big hole in the ceiling.

I was darn lucky, because if I had been an inch over when this fell I would entirely have been dead plus not even here writing this right now! I immediately called the local heating plus air conditioner contractor to send out a certified heat plus a/c specialist as soon as they could. I also wanted them to check the other air vents in the home plus make any repairs needed so this wouldn’t happen again. Because next time I may not be so lucky. This can be pretty darn dangerous. Especially the large air vent right above our bed. If that came crashing down on myself and others while I was sleeping I would be a goner for sure. The air vents plus the central heating plus a/c are pretty old in this home plus should be replaced to brand up-to-date everything. It’s just I have not had that kind of money to put out as of now. But I do system to do it as soon as humanly possible.

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