Need to do some film printing

I am a film lover and I have a vast selection of DVDs, film posters and memorabilia, there is an entire room in my house that is dedicated to films.

Unfortunately time is not kind on printed material, but my film posters have been moved a lot, and so there are creases, tears and fading along them.

The slip covers for my DVDs certainly are an issue for me too, and i have some that have gotten destructiond in my numerous moves. I want everything to look good and uniformed. I have done some googling online to find a good printer for my film collection. I want to print out my slip covers in color and have it split to size. I ideally would appreciate to reprint my film posters as well. The style of printer I would need would have to be giant sized and almost appreciate a commercial printer. So now I am back to the drawing board not sure what to do. I have found a printing contractor called Arrow Systems that does a lot of unusual printing. They can do t-shirt printing, label making and even print on cement, wood and tile. I am hopeful that maybe they can do some normal paper printing just in greater sizes… Worst comes to worst, I will rebuy my posters. I then will ask the printing company their advice on a normal home printer that I can use to reprint all the DVD slipcovers. It is not the best case scenario, however it would make my collection look a little more professional.

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