A new roof improves home’s energy efficiency

I waited a long time before finally hiring a local roofing company.

The roof on our house was over fifty years old and leaking. Whenever we got a heavy rain in our local area, my husband and I would hurry to arrange pots and pans to catch the leaks. I was afraid that moisture damage was going to be extensive if I didn’t get the roof taken care of. However, I also worried that because the roof had been patched many times, the whole surface needed to be replaced. The roofers were required to remove the old roof entirely. They tore the shingles off and revealed the bare studs. To lessen the risk of rain, the job was handled at the end of July. That is typically the hottest time of the year in my area of the country. It was good to avoid getting wet, but we also were left with no air conditioning during the project. At that time, the outside temperature was in the high eighties every day and the house felt very uncomfortable. The temperature failed to cool down at night. We lived with heat, humidity, insect infestation, dust and construction debris. The project felt endless for a while there. Finally the roofers finished up and I took care of the bill. I was in a hurry to start up the air conditioner. I lowered the thermostat setting and fully anticipated the air conditioner’s struggling to catch up to demands. I assumed it would take at least a full day before the house felt comfortable. However, we felt perfectly cool within two hours. Putting on a new roof had such an improvement in the energy efficiency of the house.. I don’t spend as much on energy bills every month. The house stays cleaner and the air conditioner and oil furnace don’t run as often.


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