Air conditioner malfunction before funeral is scheduled to start

I went to a funeral two weeks ago.

A childhood friend of mine, who had been diagnosed with cancer quite a few years ago, died after quitting his experimental medication.

Although his close friends and family were preparing for his death for some time, it was a sad situation. They held the services at a funeral home in town. I made the effort to show up early, hoping to be of assistance to his family. I have known them my whole life. When I entered the funeral home, I knew something was wrong with the temperature control. The venue was overheated and sticky. I was suspicious that the temperature setting had been raised during the night to conserve energy and never adjusted in the morning. The funeral home hadn’t been properly cooled down to be ready for the comfort of the visitors. The sun was shining in through the big windows, further heating up the space. The family was not really up to dealing with the issue. I promised them that I would find out what was happening with the air conditioner. I located the thermostat and lowered the setting down to 72 degrees. I heard the cooling equipment kick on. I placed my fingers over a nearby air vent, and found that the air supplied was warm at best. I then checked around until I discovered the air filter. It was filthy with dust. I spoke with the funeral home director and he and I replaced the air filter. We went back to the supply vent again. While the air felt a little cooler, it still wasn’t adequately cold. I told the funeral director about my concerns. He assured me he would call for emergency repairs from a local HVAC company. Shortly before the funeral was planned to start, the HVAC professional arrived. He took the air conditioner apart, completed a few adjustments and it began running perfectly. I was thankful to have solved one concern for the family.


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