I don’t want to compromise over temperature in the house

We couldn’t share the same bed or even the same room if we wanted to be able to sleep.

People are always telling me that my house feels too cold. I usually feel a bit overheated. I prefer to maintain the house at a temperature setting no higher than 70 degrees. That’s the perfect temperature to keep me happy and comfortable. I stick with the same temperature for all four seasons. It definitely requires the air conditioner to blast at maximum capacity on especially hot and humid summer days. I can keep my heating bills fairly low by doing this. At one point, I asked a boyfriend to move in with me. Rather quickly, we realized we had completely different opinions on what meant a comfortable temperature for the house. My boyfriend constantly complained that he was cold. He either wear a jacket or a hooded sweatshirt inside the house. Sometimes he would wrap up in a blanket. I compromised for him and raised the temperature setting a few degrees. I didn’t want my boyfriend freezing to death. Our arguments over temperature got worse every night we went to bed. There’s no way I can sleep in a hot and sticky environment. I prefer to sleep under a thick blanket. If the conditions climb above seventy degrees, I suffer all evening. My boyfriend insisted he could not get a good night’s sleep if he felt chilly. We tried different ideas to make it work. He would wrap up in really warm pajamas and turn up a heated blanket. I slept in my underwear and kept a fan blowing at me at high speed. This just meant that neither one of us was comfortable. We couldn’t share the same bed or even the same room if we wanted to be able to sleep. There were some other difficulties with the relationship, and it only lasted for a few months. I was relieved when he left. Living on my own makes it so I can set the temperature where I like it without bothering anyone.

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