Mom should be a personal trainer

Once a week I do a work out with my mother.

This should be the easiest work out I do, instead it is the roughest.

My mother makes me bike three miles to the local soccer field. Once we arrive the two of us do sprinting drills, squats, crunches, push ups and all sorts of cardio activities. We make sure to get in a good stretch and then hop on our bikes to go home. I always know I am getting a good work out with her. On the last three mile bike home, I am feeling dead. My legs usually let me know that it is time to quit and I can barely bike. I don’t want to lose my mother on the bike. So I need to push it that much harder. It is nice knowing that once a week I am getting a great work out. The day before and after our work out I tend to do it. I told my mother that she should be a personal trainer. My mother is in her 50s and yet looks like a 30 year old. She is all over toned and muscular. I know my mother can jump rope for an hour and even run with the rope. She can lift an impressive amount of weight. Anytime my mother hops on the treadmill, people far and wide gawk at how fast she is. The local gym really could use someone like her. She is great at making me push myself to go a little further, a little longer and not give up. That must be the ideal qualities of a certified fitness expert right?

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