Need to be ready for ten year reunion

This summer is my ten year reunion.

I haven’t really done what I thought I was going to. I figured I would be married with a few kids by now. If not, I thought I would have an impressive job and be making lots of money. Instead I have a decent job, my own house but I am single. I also have put on a bit of weight since high school. I don’t want to attend my reunion and feel like a loser. Since I can’t magically get a man or a promotion, I need to get in shape. I have dedicated myself to getting thin but muscular. I do personal training three days a week at my local gym. It is myself and a certified fitness expert doing all sorts of drills. The guy has me using a medicine ball, jumping rope, crunching, running and even doing drills in the pool. At the end of the hour session, I usually am so tired it is hard to shower. The other three days a week I take care of my own fitness. Sometimes I will do a yoga based workout at home. I really try to force myself to go to the gym since there is equipment. I think it is better to run on a treadmill, use a rowing machine or lift weights instead of just lazily stretching at home. I even have done nutritional counseling once a month to check in and make sure I am eating okay. It is a rough schedule for me, but I want quick results.