No air conditioning at outdoor wedding

My older sister Susan got married at the end of June.

She was a demanding bride.

Susan so many requests. Her dress, the rings and flowers were all speciality designs that cost a great deal of money. Susan also wanted to have the ceremony and reception held outside. She’d seen pictures of an open-air venue that is especially gorgeouss. There is a pretty lake with ducks swimming on it. There’s a big dock that stretches over the water. Willow trees, daisies and buttercups create a really picturesque setting for photographs. Unfortunately, there is no possibility of escaping severe weather. The bathrooms, bar and a prep area are the only covered spots. We made an effort to talk Sarah out of picking this benue. We told her all about the weather concerns in June and stressed how unpredictable the conditions can be. We’ve already had rain and chilly enough weather to need the heater. We’ve had especially high temperatures with brutal humidity, making the air conditioner essential. Despite all of our recommendations, Sarah booked the location. The morning of the ceremony was beautiful weather. The skies were blue with plenty of sunshine; However, the temperature kept heating up as the day went by. When Sarah and her fiance stood up to take their vows, we were all feeling the lack of air conditioning. Every single person was dripping sweat. The groom’s mother got sunburn and a bridesmaid got stung by a bee. The flower girl fell in the lake and the groom stepped in duck poop. The majority of the guests left early. They all got together at a bar down the road where there were dollar draft beers and air conditioning.

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