Temperature control is best for family-friendly activities

My whole family gets tickets for a Disney convention every year.

It’s something we do as a family.

My husband, kids and I dress up as favorite Disney characters and head to the convention center for the day. The kids enjoy seeing all the other Disney characters walking around. There are tons of activities at the Disney conventions. We can see movies in 3D, shop the work of artists and craftspeople, and there’s always actors from Disney TV shows and films on hand. I am thankful that the convention is temperature controlled. Our area deals with very hot weather in the summers. While the winters can result in temperatures down to twenty degrees below zero, bitter wind chill and snow, the Summers are also a challenge. We deal with excessive humidity and temperatures in the low nineties. The fall and spring seasons are typically chilly and wet. My family has tried to attend other types of outdoor activities. We’ve gone to fairs, carnivals, theme parts and the zoo. We’ve learned that the weather can ruin the day. It’s tough walking around getting wet, shivering, baking in the sun or sweating. It’s really helpful if the venue is temperature controlled. We don’t need to carry extra clothing or umbrellas with us. The biggest concerns are finding food and bathrooms. We’ve seen that the kids can get miserable very quickly when they feel overheated or cold. Since these activities are usually expensive and an all-day type of event, it’s best to make it as enjoyable as possible.

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