Two different approaches to life

I am a very healthy person. Seven days a week I work out. I also watch what I eat, take vitamins, use special products for my skin and go to the dentist every six months. A big focus in my life is looking and feeling as good as possible. When I work out, I don’t just do the same thing everyday. I make sure to change up weight training and do some cardio. I will ride my bike, swim in the pool or go for a run. Occasionally I will stop by the local gym and do a group fitness class or get some personal training. I want to be flexible, strong and have good balance. Every now and then I do a check in and take part of nutritional counseling. I like to ensure I am still eating right to be healthy. Sometimes I can fall off the wagon and eat too many sugars, carbs and dairy. My boyfriend on the other hand is all about work. He is a very career oriented guy and is successful in it. He makes a lot more money than me and has a more impressive job. He can go on vacations anytime he wants. He has a very expensive car, nice suits and a better apartment than me. We both think the other person is messing up. He wants me to invest my money, take on more job responsibilities and save for retirement. I want him to go to the gym and get his heartrate up. He basically eats snacks and drinks coffee all day long.


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