Heating can be the different between life and death

Have you ever heard of safety cabins before? They are called a lot of different things, but basically they are cabins in the middle of remote places designed to provide shelter for people who get lost.

  • There is very much an honor system involved, but because they are so far out there isn’t much of a problem with theft.

Even if someone wanted to steal something from one of these cabins, they would have to carry it for miles. Some of the cabins have canned food, and water, or blankets, but all of them have some sort of heating source. During the winter, access to heating can be the difference between life and death, so every cabin has a way to warm yourself up on a snowy night. Every cabin has a pair of sturdy sleeping bags, and a small metal fireplace with a woodpile, because without electricity or natural gas that is the best we can offer. When I was a teenager,.one of these cabins saved my life, and I mean to pay that forward. When it happened to me, it got down to negative fifteen outside, and even with a fireplace it was barely above freezing inside. There wasn’t enough wood, so I had to smash furniture to burn in the fireplace, and by the next morning I had a fresh appreciation for life. Of course back then it wasn’t a survival cabin meant for anyone, it was a person’s cabin that I broke into to use their fireplace. I spent the next two years paying him back for everything I broke.

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