Medical Conditions Reflect Need for Air Conditioning

Are you pro-air conditioning or anti-air conditioning? I know a woman who is older and lives in a very tropical climate, but she never wants to use air conditioning.

Her husband has always let her do what she wants, but recently she told me that they went ahead and purchased a mini-split a/c for his den.

They just moved, actually, and it is the first time he has had a room to himself. I always knew he wanted to use the a/c! What a sweet guy to take her needs over his. Anyway, it is definitely true that people perceive heating and cooling differently, but it is also true that extreme heat can be dangerous for anyone. Sometimes people with chronic medical conditions may just require more air conditioning, as well, particularly in my neck of the woods, which is the southeastern region of our country. Here, it is hot and humid, and my a/c thermostat setting reflects that. People with high blood pressure often require more a/c, as they often feel hot and actually do register higher temperatures than others, even though they don’t have a fever, really. Obesity is another chronic condition that means more a/c is needed. Overweight people tend to act like walking furnaces for themselves and even those around them. Heart disease can affect internal thermostats, as well. A person might need more cooling or more heating, depending on what exactly is happening. Certainly, women in menopause are always having hot flashes, so don’t get between her and her air conditioner. That is fair warning. Aslo, sometimes certain medications can cause people to desire more or less a/c. If you have changes in your HVAC preferences as you age, just be careful not to get overheated, and otherwise, don’t worry about it.



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