My sibling bought me a gift

My brother and I grew up on a farm, however we didn’t have a lot of possibilities growing up.

We found a way to thrive! I learned a trade and have my own business! My brother joined the military and served for 5 years before he got out.

He works different jobs now and comes to visit once or twice every year.When my brother needed a place to stay for a few afternoons, I agreed to let him stay at my apartment. My brother usually stays with our mom and dad when he comes to visit, but they were remodeling the guest room when our brother came to the neighborhood unexpectedly. I agreed to let my brother stay with me. My girlfriend wasn’t recognizably very happy since I didn’t consult with her first, but she got over it fast. My brother is a funny and charismatic guy. We had a ton of fun while he was visiting and we even went to a rock concert and dive bar. My brother decided to thank me for our hospitality by purchasing a portable AC device for our house. My brother prefers the cold indoor temperatures. He purchased a portable AC device to keep in the guest room, and when he went home at the end of 3 weeks, he told us to keep the portable AC unit. My brother paid almost $300 for the machine. I tried to protest, but our brother insisted that we keep the AC unit. I unquestionably hope he will stay with us again, when he comes to visit for a few weeks.


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