Providing my own heating in the cabin

Spending an entire winter in a gothic, snowbound cabin in the mountains sounded like the opportunity of a lifetime.

I spent weeks thinking about it, envisioning it, anticipating it, and in my head it was going to be amazing. I would be cut off from society and would dive into my writing. The solitude and peace would drive my creativity, and the results would be something truly spectacular. Of course the reality was nothing like I wanted, and I spent more time surviving than creating. I tell you this — I will never take central heating for granted again. I understand now how weak and soft I have become having never worried about my heating, or staying alive through winter. I have a thermostat on my wall, and a phone in my hand. When I need it to be warm, I adjust the thermostat, and if it doesn’t work I use the phone to call a repair tech. If there is no thermostat, and no repair tech, then I am forced to rely on myself, and I have learned relying on myself is not a good thing. This cabin was picturesque but had no heating system aside from the fireplace, which means I had to cut wood and tend a fire. After tending a fireplace most of the day, I rarely had enough energy to be creative. I really dig the isolation, but I need someplace just as remote that has central heating, and back up space heaters in case the central system fails. I hope to have better luck next winter.


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