We had our HVAC website updated

My partner plus I own an HVAC service business, we have owned the corporation and been open for business since 2015.

  • Things were slow in the beginning, but business has picked up in the last several years.

Hardly any of years ago, we decided to hire a graphic designer to create an online website for our business. This really boosted our sales and our presence in the community. The graphic designer manages our website and handles all of the updates and changes. We have never experienced a lot of trouble with the website until recently. We have had one problem after another and a lot of changes have been necessary. This week, the only scheduling plan was down all morning. We normally receive about twenty or thirty appointment calls on a Wednesday morning. We did not have one appointment scheduled and I thought that was strange, my partner recommended that we check the website. The online scheduling plan wasn’t very working at all! In fact, that page was a broken link. I contacted the graphic designer and left a message on his cell PC. I also sent an SMS to the guy, then a couple hours later, he finally returned my call and fixed the website complications. A day or two later, the same problem occurred again. Two separate buyers called to complain about the website. I’m not sure why we are having complications with the online heating and air conditioning website, I hope the designer can figure out a way to repair it. We are losing business left and right when our buyers can’t schedule services online.
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