When My Mom Got Old, it was so Hot at her Place

I live in a state that has a lot of old people in it.

True, in my particular neck of the woods, the average age is much younger, but go a couple hours south, and you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting an old lady.

Please don’t do that, by the way. Anyway, when we were all younger, we used to get a chuckle out of all the oddities that old people seem to have. Now that my siblings and I no longer qualify for the under 55 club, though, it’s not quite so funny. I keep wanting to buy a giant tricycle because my balance isn’t quite what it used to be, and one of my brothers is always in a sweater. It reminds me of when my mom started getting older. When people get older, something happens to their internal thermostat. We all have an internal thermostat that is regulated by our brain and other parts of our bodies, but changes when people age often make older people prefer less a/c and even wear sweaters in the middle of July. GEriatric physicians have started looking into this phenomena; it used to be just worthy of a chuckle, but now refusing to use air conditioning could mean serious health problems. So, we are now looking into why the internal thermostat starts messing up. When my mom got really old, it was unbearable at her place because she always set the thermostat on 80 degrees. For someone whose thermostat is normally ten degrees colder than that, it was hard to get used to. I hope medical science figures it out because our population is aging, and I don’t want ole people dying of heat stroke.

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