I should have talked to the HVAC provider ahead of time

The two of us have viewed multiple apartments before we decided to live in the city.

The two of us had lots of different apartments that we saw before choosing this one.

Some of them had fireplaces While others had a balcony for displaying furniture and plants. The two of us one today current location with ceilings that were tall and undoubtedly detailed molding. The two of us finally found a two-bedroom place that was the perfect location. Unfortunately for the two of us, the heating and AC unit stopped absolutely working just weeks after residing there. In this location, we had just moved to the apartment and fell everything should be working fine. Then other small things began to happen which led the two of us to have a meeting with the owner of the property. The owner of the property did not mention any issues with the heating and air conditioning unit but it clearly is outdated and the price to replace is high. They didn’t care if we ended up with an exhausting problem. The two of us learned that it is possible to request a quality check on the AC and that is something that we have missed out on. It’s not important for property owners to tell you about heating and air conditioning problems before you move in, and some of them will even try to place provisions inside of your lease that allow for them to not fix anything like that once you move to the building. It’s a shameful and deceitful practice.



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