I was shocked when I heard the bad news

For multiple years, my wife as well as myself have lived in the apartments and gotten to know many of the neighbors.

We have lots of get-togethers as well as talk about things happening around the village.

Occasionally there are people that will get together and talk. Most days the two of us share lots of information that is important to guests for safety reasons. During one meeting, the two of us learned that an elderly couple had been seriously burnt when they had radiant heated flooring installed in their apartment. The heating system failed and the floors got warmer and warmer. The people I was with and myself could not believe the story when we heard everything. The heating system was on and the floors got hotter and hotter and eventually they started to walk. The elderly couple could not walk fast and they quickly realized that the flooring was too hot to stand on. By the time the radiant heated flooring ended at the carpet, most people had burns on the bottoms of their feet. The two of us felt absolutely terrible that they were in the hospital over winter break. The two of us also learned that radiant heated floor might not be the best choice for the apartments in this building. It was absolutely bad news and something you don’t want to find out on the news. If that had been my family members, I would have been very upset with the company that installed the faulty radiant heated flooring.


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