Matt never thought he’d afford to live at the living complex

That’s the price he paid to live in such an exclusive place.

The locale was called Hempstead Commons. This was the most exclusive locale in Matt’s location. Admittedly, this wasn’t such a vast town, so perhaps Matt would be less impressed. Hempstead Commons was a residential multiplex that had condos and enterprises. This place covered a full block, and the tiny street in front of it was closed down, fully enclosed, and converted into a promenade. Matt would take dates there each week, however he never thought he’d ever manage to live there. Though Matt couldn’t manage the high rent, he did end up landing a position as their head heating and cooling expert, which came with a home on site. A locale this exclusive meant that the occupants were paying a premium, so they needed an on-site heating and cooling expert who’d handle work at any time of the evening or afternoon. Matt had so much work to do for the first few weeks because there had not been common heating and cooling system service for months, which led to many troubles. Once he got caught up on general service, service, and cleaning, the heating and cooling emergencies weren’t so frequent. Matt still brought dates to Hempstead Commons, only now he might catch an emergency A/C service call in the middle of it. That’s the price he paid to live in such an exclusive place. Even with the big salary of a normal heating and cooling expert, Matt wouldn’t be able to afford the rent here. No work lasts forever, although Matt is doing well in his heating and cooling position here. Still, he hopes it lasts for several years.

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