My brother was as mean as a snake

My brother and I have an eruptive relationship, leaning more towards the hate side of things.

I get along with my other sisters, but my brother and I have always been at loggerheads.

However, through it all, the one thing I can provide him credit for is being straight with me. My brother was mean as a snake, although he always told the truth. This is the sort of quality you don’t love until you are older, and you come to value people who will be honest with you no matter what. The day I told my brother I was going to college to learn comedy acting, he said I was being foolish. My brother planned on getting certified for Heating and A/C mechanics, and he had a position at a local HVAC company. He told me I should do the same thing. I responded that I was chasing a dream, and that I didn’t want to spend my life now working on HVAC units and oil furnaces. My brother laughed and explained that he didn’t dream of working on HVAC systems either, but he did dream of having money, owning a house, and getting everything he ever wanted. By studying for his Heating and A/C certification, my brother could avoid all student debt and start off making a lot of money. With money, he’d have freedom over his life, so if that meant he needed to work on HVAC systems, that’s just what he’d do. Frankly, my brother makes a lot of sense, however I still believe I should chase my dream. Now I’m thinking I can do both, and hedge my bets by studying Heating and A/C work in my spare time to earn extra money.

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