Should I try my hand at HVAC work?

My sister and I have a love hate relationship, leaning more towards the hate side of things. I get along with my other siblings, but Kate and I have always been like cats and dogs. Through it all, the one thing I can give her credit for is being honest. She was mean as a snake, but she never lied. This is the sort of quality you don’t appreciate until you are older, and you come to value people who will be honest with you no matter what. When I told her I was going to school to study comedy acting, she called me an idiot. She planned on getting certified for HVAC repair, and starting work for a local contractor, and told me I should do the same thing. I said that I was chasing a dream, and that I didn’t want to spend my life working on air conditioners and furnaces. She laughed and explained that she didn’t dream of working on air conditioners either, but she did dream of having money, owning a house, and getting everything she ever wanted. By studying for her HVAC certification and getting a job, she could avoid all student debt and start off making strong wages. With money, she could have freedom over her life, so if that meant she needed to work on air conditioners, that’s just what she would do. She makes a lot of sense, but I still feel like I should chase my dream. Now I’m thinking I can do both, and hedge my bets by studying HVAC repair in my spare time as a back-up plan for the future.

a/c representative