Finding a cooling spot for Dad

And that’s when it hit me.

Being a dad is not exactly what I thought it would be like. But I have to say that I wouldn’t have it any other way. While I loved being able to be free to do pretty much what I wanted to do before children, I wouldn’t change our choice. But there are times when it has felt as though there just wasn’t enough HVAC cooling to go around. Of course, I don’t mean this literally as we have some amazing heating and cooling equipment. Our house has the latest in residential HVAC with plenty of HVAC technology at our disposal as well. Yet, with four kids, a dog, a cat and my wife, the house can feel a bit crowded. And I have found that I just don’t really have a spot for me all that much. Normally, when I feel like the walls are closing in a bit, I get out of the air conditioning for a walk. And on one of those walks, the idea for getting my own space came right to me. There is a house being built along my walking route. And this place is really something else. They are even putting ductwork inside the garage for heating and cooling out there. And that’s when it hit me. So I had the HVAC company install a ductless heat pump in my garage. Now, I have a go to space to sort of catch my breath in a quiet space of my own. Shoot, my wife will sometimes even join me out in the garage as the quality heating and air out there is totally comparable to the inside of the house.

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