Getting my HVAC responsibilities in order

I tend to just sort of deal with whatever is coming at me most of the time.

When you spend as much time inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office as I do, that’s about the best I could expect.

Honestly, for the longest time, I felt that I really was just trying to keep my heat above water when it came to what had to get done. But being stuck at home inside the air conditioning during Covid was sort of the wakeup call that I needed on several levels. To start, after just a few weeks of working from home since the zone controlled HVAC of the office was off limits, I found the pace better. I wasn’t rushing from one thing to another. Actually focusing in on what I was doing and living more in the moment was possible from the air conditioning of home. Suddenly, all my family and household responsibilities shot to the top of the list when it came to getting things done. I learned that just making sure the HVAC air filter is changed each month was gratifying. I’m lucky to have the HVAC service plan from the HVAC company when it comes to HVAC maintenance. They HVAC professionals take care of scheduling all of that. But even getting the air filter changed each month was something that felt good. When the office reopened, I have remained committed to not letting my life get so out of hand. I’m learning to say no so I can continue to concentrate on the important stuff like the quality heating and air at home.

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