Getting my own HVAC before too much longer

My wife and I are sort of glad to just have the next six to eight months to catch our breath.

It’s going to take every bit of that for us get over all the effort we just made. We chose to make some upgrades to our home of 30 something years, like the HVAC equipment and the kitchen, and sell it. It sounds so straight forward when I see it all in black and white in front of me. But while it might seem like a bang bang operation, it was far from easy. The easiest part was having the HVAC professionals install the new HVAC equipment. We met with the HVAC contractor a few times to go over just what we wanted in the new HVAC unit. We definitely wanted the latest in residential HVAC with lots of HVAC technology. The realtor was very clear on just what sort of heating and cooling equipment people were looking for. Once we picked out what we wanted, the HVAC company simply took care of the rest. I hardly had to do anything. And the new quality heating and air was remarkable. I’m thankful we had that new air conditioning while we were sorting and packing 30 plus years worth of stuff. It really was a massive effort to pare down to living in a 2 bedroom condo. But we did it and we’re thankful we have this place for awhile so we can catch our breath and decide what’s next. But I sure am longing for that great HVAC equipment we got a taste of as we were leaving the family home.


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