HVAC treat for new office

When I closed the office due to Covid, I really wasn’t so sure that I’d ever open it up again.

I knew for sure that I’d never be opening that particular office up again.

The lease was up in July and thankfully, I hadn’t renewed it when we were all forced to work from home in our own air conditioning. That office was sort of a starting point for me and my company. The company got started out of the air conditioning of my home as a consulting company. But I was able to grow that consulting company into one that I needed dedicated office space. That old office was what I could afford and it for sure needed some help when it came to quality heating and air. It was cold when it got really cold outside. The HVAC heating just wasn’t quite enough and there was a space heater under everyone’s desk. The same was true when it came to the HVAC cooling in the summer. That was when it would get steamy in the office and we would replace the space heaters with fans. Still, when I closed that office due to Covid, I wasn’t sure there would be a business to come back to. But thanks to dedication and teamwork when working from our own air conditioning, we got through it. And I did open up a new office once we were all vaccinated. This time though, we have the latest in commercial HVAC and that zone controlled HVAC I always wanted. It’s a dream in that office from a quality heating and air standpoint now.

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