I like working out at home in the great quality heating and air

If I’m working out, I’m doing it in best of HVAC cooling during the summer.

Maybe I’m just soft but I really love some great heating and cooling comfort. Whether it’s the zone controlled HVAC of the office or the air conditioning at home, I need my heating and cooling to be on point. Well, given where I live, it’s really more about the cooling that the heating. I live in a region where there really isn’t much need for all that much HVAC heating. And that’s just fine with me. After living so long with brutal winters and the high cost of HVAC heating, it’s a relief to have a mild winter. But the summer is rough. We have about four months where the heat sits right around a hundred degrees day in and day out. That heat comes paired with plenty of humidity as well. And that’s a double shot of misery without great air conditioning. Needless to say, when it comes to exercise, I don’t go outside a bunch to workout in the summer. The rest of the year is made for being outside and enjoying the weather. But I’m awfully thankful to have a bit of a home gym in my basement. And of course, I had the HVAC company install a ductless heat pump down there. If I’m working out, I’m doing it in best of HVAC cooling during the summer. The ductless heat pump in the home gym just made all the difference. Actually, I think that quality heating and air is a big reason that I actually get my workouts in. So I have great heating and cooling to thank for my decent fitness level.


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