I’m loving the results from ductwork cleaning

It’s kind of like what can’t the HVAC professionals do for me to make life easier.

When we moved to this region, we weren’t so sure just how we were going to deal with the weather.

I think we were excited to be done with a winter that requires a gas furnace or a boiler. But we were also just not so sure how our lives were going to turn out with the heat. That heat and humidity factor was something that sort of kept us up at night. The house we wanted to buy needed an HVAC upgrade for sure. However, the seller flatly refused to deal with replacing the HVAC unit. This ended up working out in our favor on a number of levels. For one, we negotiated a much better price on the home because of his stance on replacing the heating and cooling equipment. And we met the best HVAC professionals ever as a result of having to replace the HVAC unit ourselves. We met with the HVAC contractor a few times and it was just so easy to deal with that HVAC company. The price was right and they were able to install the latest in residential HVAC. Since we were worried about the amount of air conditioning we’d be using, we put special emphasis on the SEER rating. We ended up with a great HVAC unit. Fast forward nearly a decade and the HVAC company has been taking care of us ever since. In fact, they just came out and did the ductwork cleaning and ductwork resealing for us. I’m amazed at how much better the indoor air quality is after doing that.

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