My own HVAC is the only one I want to experience at Christmas

I think I can safely say that I’ve come to terms with not traveling anymore for Christmas.

It’s been a bit frosty in my house since I came to that conclusion and it’s not because the HVAC cooling is running wild. We are going into summer so I felt it was best to make my feelings known to all the family members involved that I will be staying home for Christmas. I’ll be enjoying the yuletide inside my own quality heating and air from now on. The past 18 years, we’ve traveled north to do Christmas at one of the in laws. And going from perfect weather to winter weather that needs a gas furnace is not something I’m willing to do any longer. That doesn’t mean that I’m against having in laws share our Christmas. I just don’t want to be at the mercy of someone else’s thermostat setting. My announcement didn’t go over so well with my wife and the in laws. But my kids were thrilled to be able to spend their Christmas break with friends instead of being stuck at their grandparents. I was prepared for the reaction and that’s why I wanted to be sure that I followed up with the offer of having family join us here. But for sure, I’m the one who needs to have control over the thermostat for once at Christmas. And the weather here sure beats the snow, ice and brutal cold of up north. Shoot, the heat pump might not even have to come on and that should make for a great Christmas.


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