Vacation comes with best air conditioning ever

Who doesn’t like vacation, right? Well, I’m the sort of person who has some pretty basic needs when it comes to vacation.

The main one being that I’m completely disconnected from the office.

While I may not be inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office while on vacation, I take it a step further. My work understands that when I’m on vacation, don’t call, text or email me unless there is a serious emergency. That’s the main priority for me really. Just to be unplugged for a couple of weeks a year so I can focus totally on my family and having fun. Outside of that main vacation need, I don’t really have too much else that would be a deal breaker. Well, that is except for good air conditioning. I have been on one too many trips where I ended up in a room where the heating and cooling just wasn’t up to par. That’s just not something that I can tolerate for our big vacation in the summer. I want great HVAC cooling and I want loads of it. So my wife is always careful to inquire about the HVAC equipment when she makes the arrangements for our lodging. These days, we mainly stay in vacation homes since it’s become so easy to find and book these places. The one my wife found last year was just awesome. While it was right where we wanted it to be as far a near the attractions we wanted, it was the HVAC that was really awesome. The place had the latest when it came to residential HVAC and I was in heaven the whole time.

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